Mittens with cables

dsc_0114They’re beautiful and silly at the same time! At least that’s what I think… This is the other finished object that I promised to post about last week. I made mittens!

The yarn I used is Fleece Artist’s Trail Socks in colorway Smoke โ€“ a joy to knit with!

I’m planning to write a pattern for these. But maybe it’s best to release it next autumn/winter…


A new pattern โ€“ kinda

Let me introduce to you: Outdoorsy, version 2.


I published Outdoorsy a couple of years ago. Outdoorsy has been my favourite hat and it still looks really good, but on the coldest winter days (minus 20 degrees Celsius or colder) I’ve thought that it’s not quite warm enough. So I decided to knit my favourite hat but with a folded brim for extra warmth.


I added version two to my pattern on Ravelry, so if you now purchase my Outdoorsy pattern, you get two for one! You can find Outdoorsy on Ravelry HERE.

By the way, this is version 1 after years of heavy use:


Still looking darn good! (Not me, the hat :))


A grand non-knitting project

I haven’t posted anything for a while, and there’s a reason for it. It’s a book. A book!

I’ve just published a book about urban homes, a book that I made with two talented friends of mine โ€“ Jenni & Laura. The book contains 186 beautiful pictures from Finnish homes and 11 stories told by the inhabitants of those homes. And some information about one very special urban neighborhood. ๐Ÿ™‚ As you can see from the cover, the book is in Finnish.

kansi_uusiThe book has been my main project this winter, but I’ve managed to do some knitting as well. I’ll post about a couple of finished projects soon!

Gray for a dancer

Finally – leg warmers off my needles!


This is the gray project that was going to drive me crazy. I decided to simplify the knitting (and my life), and I knitted these fairly easy leg warmers for my daughter instead of veryย  intricate ones for myself. I’m glad I did that, simple is beautiful.

Our little dancer started taking jazz dance classes after three years of “children’s dance” where she wore a pink ballet dress. I’m surprised that she is very excited about the new black shoes, trousers and leotard, and that everything doesn’t have to be pink anymore. So she happily wears the grey leg warmers too.

I love the subtle ribbed cables. They don’t stand out from the rest of the work too much, but they are still visible enough. I’m gonna use this idea for another project soon!

Extra doux

A month or so ago, me and my children found a vintage book store near our house. Or actually we found it at some point earlier, but now it was actually open when we walked past it. We bought single records for my dad’s jukebox, a Bob l’eponge (SpongeBob) book for the children and something that I found interesting: Extra doux.


The brilliant book by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen was first published in English as “Extra Yarn“. Reding it makes me smile. I can translate almost all of it to my children, and the bits I don’t understand I can decipher from the pictures and the rest of the story.

The perfect book for a knitter!

Grey projects



These are my projects at the moment – a linen stitch scarf and leg warmers. The second project is actually only at the gauge swatch stage, hence the small circumference of the work. I have perfect yarns to work with: Isager Alpaca 2 and Trail Socks by Fleece Artist.

The first project is my carry-around knitting, and the second one is, well, just driving me crazy. I had an idea of these perfect leg warmers that I could wear in my dance class and practically anywhere. They’d be just perfect. But at some point I started changing the idea, and now I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. I’m swatching and ripping and swatching and ripping… Why didn’t I just stick to the original idea!

I have this wonderful opportunity of staying in a foreign country for four months without having to work too much. Just spending time with my children and getting to know the new culture and language. I guess I’m prone to think that free time means lots of new brilliant ideas and projects completed. Without the pressure from normal daily life, I shouldn’t put too much pressure on myself.

So before this other gray project drives me crazy, I should probably stick to the dead-easy but relaxing grey scarf and take a little break. Enjoy the new culture and the company of my children as was planned and as I was able to a couple of weeks ago. No reason to start feeling grey.